Animation Systems Programmer - Unreal Engine

Epic Games is searching for an experienced Animation Systems Programmer for our Engine Development team. This person will be responsible for enhancing and maintaining the core systems of Unreal Engine 4, as well as optimize them for multiple platforms. You will work directly with the brightest technical minds in the business as we build the premier game engine for a multitude of platforms.
Strong C++ knowledge
Excellent math skills, especially matrix math and techniques for solving systems of linear equations
Experience with animation state machines, low-level animation systems, and/or physics-based IK systems
Demonstrated interest in games
Experience with multiple core system tasks such as graphics, tools, audio/video, networking, memory handling, script compilers, I/O, etc.
3 years professional experience
Preference to applicants with:
Experience working with multithreaded systems
Current generation console experience
Performance optimization skills
Experience with mobile engine development
Please submit your resume along with your application.
This is going to be Epic!

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