Engine Developer - Mobile

Epic Games is searching for experienced Engine Programmers to support the Unreal Engine working with a range of high-end mobile platforms. In this role, you'll work closely with a wide range of internal teams to ship our games and the Unreal Engine. The ideal candidate has a deep love of problem-solving, loves learning new systems and APIs, and has experience driving optimizations on shipped mobile titles.
Bringing the latest UE4 rendering features to high-end mobile devices
Optimizing C++ workflows and content-wrangling pipelines used by hundreds of developers at Epic, and thousands of Unreal Engine subscribers around the world
Making significant improvements to the workflow for professional developers making high-end mobile games using UE4
Working with our partners to bring the latest mobile technologies to Unreal Engine 4
Working to solve problems to help ship Epic's internal mobile titles
Improving workflow and user experience
Strong C++ skills
Professional mobile game or engine development experience with UE4 or Unity
Experience developing with either or both of Android NDK and/or iOS with C++/Objective C
Understanding of various mobile GPUs used in popular handsets and their characteristics
Knowledge of or experience using toolchains, build systems, development tools and platform APIs, as well as the broader Android or iOS platform ecosystem
Experience developing platform systems
Mobile game shipping experience, especially related to compatibility
OpenGL ES mobile rendering experience
Experience using a next-generation rendering API such as Vulkan or Metal
Knowledge of WebAssembly and WebGL 2.0 a plus
Please submit your resume along with your application.
This is going to be Epic!

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