Instructor, UE Enterprise

Epic is building a team of engineers and artists dedicated to growing the Unreal Engine Enterprise capabilities to continue our expansion in disciplines outside the traditional games industry.We are searching for an Instructor to be a part of the Custom Engineering/Solutions team, working hand in hand with our Enterprise customers to utilize the engine for projects in film/FX/broadcast TV, automotive, architectural visualization, and more.
Working closely with clients to identifying opportunities to improve their pipeline and techniques through skills training
Building course outlines, creating training content and leveraging existing training materials
Teaching fundamental knowledge and advanced techniques that empower customers to achieve their goals
Delivering compelling, effective training in classrooms, at customer sites and at events
Resolving technical challenges and providing support and troubleshooting
Understanding optimization challenges and having the ability to share techniques to overcome those challenges
Providing feedback to product management when identifying recurring needs
Continually growing own knowledge of the engine and customer pipelines in order to provide effective recommendations and guidance to customers
Composing papers for conferences, publications and marketing and having the ability to present at events.
Solid understanding of one or several components of Unreal Engine such as , Material Editor and Shader, Animation, Scene Building, Sequencer, Lighting, Etc.
Proficient scripting and/or programming in python or C++ is a plus.
Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to interact with a variety of customers
5 years experience with game engines and one or more enterprise verticals (VR, Architecture, Engineering, Broadcasting, Manufacturing, TV or Film Production)
Demonstrated thought leadership in field of expertise (online presence, involvement in significant projects, awards and prizes, etc???)
Ability to provide development support and troubleshooting
Training experience in professional or academic setting
Willing to travel up to 50% of the time
This is going to be Epic!

Don't Be Fooled

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