Media Software Engineer - Unreal Engine

Epic Games is looking for a performance-minded Tools Programmer with experience in media frameworks. The ideal candidate has experience working on from low end platforms that need basic 1080p video processing to high end workstations rendering 4k+ HDR video content in real time. You should be passionate about problem solving, and able to work well independently and on a team. You should have an endless list of ideas for improving existing tools and workflows, as well as ideas for completely new tools. In this role, you will make a direct impact on the productivity of others by developing user facing tools for one of the leading game engines used by developers across the world.
  • Work with Gameplay, Cinematic, and Enterprise teams to help define, understand, and support video playback needs
  • Apply your knowledge of current industry standards such as h.264, HEVC, MPEG-4, VP9, to the capabilities of the Unreal Engine
  • Work collaboratively with non-technical teams to help understand trade-offs related to video encoding, quality, and bitrates
  • Efficiently transform video data
  • Bug fixing and maintaining the existing Unreal Engine 4 code base
  • Analyzing and fixing common problems such as load times, memory usage, and performance problems

  • Significant experience designing architecting complex systems and user facing APIs from the ground up in C++
  • Strong background in video encoding, codecs, and containers
  • Familiarity with multiple platforms and/or Unreal Engine 4 is a plus
  • Experience developing in a large codebase; ideally experience designing and implementing a tool from the ground up
  • Experience working on audio and video processing inside a game engine or other runtime system
  • Experience working with a media framework such as ffmpeg, windows media foundation, or other proprietary frameworks (e.g console media frameworks)
  • Understanding of synchronizing audio and video under a variety of performance characteristics
  • Ability to take an existing complex system, maintain, and refactor it, keeping in mind backwards compatibility
  • Strong background in multithreading
  • Experience writing performance and memory minded code and experience profiling to fix under performing code
  • Experience working on multiple platforms such as PS4. XB1, Switch, and phones
  • Experience working with rendering APIs such as D3D, OpenGL, Vulkan, Metal, etc and experience working on the GPU (e.g shaders)

Please submit your resume and we'll be in touch soon!
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